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Sergiy Y. Klymenko
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More than 35 years of:
# development and administration of WLANs, LANs and Intranets that use different active network hardware (D-Link, Cisco, 3Com, Hewlett Packard, RAD, Bay Networks), different servers (Windows 2K Server, Windows NT Server, Linux, AIX, Solaris, Netware, Netscape), many different clients (Windows 7 & XP & Vista, Windows 2K Professional, Windows NT Workstation, Win95/98, Win3x, DOS);
# experience in working with OS MVT, VM/370, OS ES, SVM ES, UNIX, MS DOS and MS Windows (different generations), development and deployment of the software running on mentioned OSs;
# systems and network security and viruses blocking.

Windows 7 & XP & Vista, Windows NT 4.0/3.51 Server & Workstation, Windows 2K Server & Professional, Windows 95/98, Windows 3.x, MS DOS, NetWare 2.5-3.11, UNIX (Linux, Solaris, SCO, AIX).


since 5/2016
«Smart Network Group».
Title: Wi-Fi equipment Consultant.

«D-Link International Pte. Ltd», Ukrainian Representative office.
Title: Chief Project Consultant.

Prepare D-Link based solutions.
Consult TELCO/SI customers.
Provide description of new D-Link products, including translation of technical documents into Russian/Ukrainian language.
Prepare and lecture technical seminars in Ukraine.
Testing of equipment and preparation of information & presentations about new products/decision D-Link.
Planning and development of large wireless networks with very-high clients density.
All-round advancement of D-Link trade mark in Ukraine.
Five printed my books on speciality.

«Kvazar-Micro» Corp.
Title: Leading engineer of the projects
, Leading system engineer.
The managing of the technical aspects of the implementation of complex project on informatization at the customers' enterprises. The initial investigation of the customers' enterprises infrastructure.
The document execution and the creation of methodical recommendations. Work with MS Office 2000 (including MS Outlook 2000, MS Project 2000 and MS Visio Pro 2002).
Installation and configurating of a routing and switching equipment made by Cisco, 3Com, Bay Networks.

«INMERS» Ltd.,
«Electronic Traiding Systems» Ltd.
Title: Customer program and technical support senior manager, system administrator, technical director.

1997 - installation, configurating and tunning of the software on servers and client stations of Ministry of Statistics of Ukraine information system (LAN and Intranet development basing on such hardware and software as 3Com, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Microsoft, Netscape, Sybase).
Warranty and post-warranty servicing, system administration of State Committee of Statistics of Ukraine network (more then 700 nodes).
1998 - leadership in technical and program aspects of information systems creating (LANs and Intranets) for 27 regional departments of State Committee of Statistics of Ukraine.
Installation, configurating and complex tunning of the software that runs on the server complexes of the regional statistical departments.
Training for the regional departments system administrators.
1999-2001 - technical and program support for “ETS” Ltd. customers, forming, developing and maintenence of “ETS” owned technical and program base. Network security and viruses blocking, Internet studying and deployment.
Installation and configurating of a routing and switching equipment made by Cisco, RAD, 3Com and Hewlett Packard.

Main Science and Research Information and Computing Center of State Scheduled Committee of Ukraine (later - Institute of Informatization Problems of Ministry of Economics, State Science and Research Institute of Informatization and Economics Simulating).
Title: Programmer-mathematician engineer, senior programmer-mathematician engineer, chief of sector, head of division
(division of computer system software research, design and deployment).
System software installation and maintenance for the number of computers including their different generations and classes. Design and deployment of the software based on operating systems such as MVT, VM/370, OS ES, SVM ES, UNIX, MS DOS and MS Windows (different generations), Nowell NetWare 2.5-3.11. Network maintenance and security, viruses blocking.
Skills in MS Office, CorelDraw 3.0-7.0, Adobe/Aldus PageMaker 3.0-6.5 and others. Development and deployment of software to adapt data I/O devices to Cyrillic and Ukrainian symbols (displays, printers, keyboards).
Four my work-improvement suggestions, several my publications on speciality.

Service as officer in army. Title: senior lieutenant.

Ukraine and Russia - fluent.
English: general texts - with dictionary, technical documentation - understanding free enough.
German: learned at school and institute, but since that time has not been experiencing.

High education: have been graduated National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv (Kiev), mechanics and mathematics department on speciality mathematics (diploma ЖВ # 968784) in 1980.

In parallel with constant self-education was attended the courses as follows:
# "Brocade Certified Network Engineer (CNE 200-WBT)": self-study (Date Taken: 01.02.2017);
# "Internetworking Fundamentals for Brocade (ETH 101-WBT)": self-study (Date Taken: 08.12.2016);
# "Ruckus Wireless ZoneDirector Installation and Management (WiSE 1) version 9.12 course": self-study (Date Taken: 04.10.2016). Status: "Completed the course Ruckus WiSE L1 9.12 ILT Certification Exam" (October 4, 2016);
# "Ruckus LAN Fundamentals (Part 1)" & "Ruckus WLAN Fundamentals (Part 2)": self-study (Date Taken: 28.09.2016). Status: "Completed the course Ruckus LAN-WLAN Fundamentals Exam" (September 28, 2016);
# "Wi-Fi Essentials" & "Ruckus ZoneDirector 9.6 Installation and Management with ZoneDirector 9.7 Updates": self-study (Date Taken: 05.08.2016). Status: "Completed the course Ruckus Wireless Solutions Engineer (WiSE) Level 1 Certification Exam" (August 5, 2016);
# "Sales Essentials" & "Introduction to Ruckus Products": self-study (Date Taken: 19.07.2016). Status: "Completed the course Ruckus Sales Expert Certification Exam" (July 19, 2016);
# "Wi-Fi Essentials", "Introduction to Ruckus Products" & "Ruckus ZoneDirector 9.6 Installation and Management with 9.7 Updates": self-study (Date Taken: 06.08.2014). Status: "Completed the course Ruckus Wireless Solutions Engineer (WiSE) Level 1 Certification Exam" (August 6, 2014);
# "D-Link Certified Specialist - Security v2.0 (SEC010)": self-study (Date Taken: 09.07.2010). Status: "D-Link Certified Specialist - Security"; Certificate Number: DCS-SEC000541;
# "D-Link Certified Specialist - Switching v1.0 (SWI010)": self-study (Date Taken: 30.06.2010). Status: "D-Link Certified Specialist - Switching"; Certificate Number: DCS-SWI000437;
# "D-Link Certified Specialist - Storage v2.0 (NWS010)": self-study (Date Taken: 04.04.2010). Status: "D-Link Certified Specialist - Storage"; Certificate Number: DCS-NWS000325;
# "D-Link Certified Specialist - IP Surveillance v1.0 (SVL010)": self-study (Date Taken: 21.03.2010). Status: "D-Link Certified Specialist - IP Surveillance"; Certificate Number: DCS-SVL000280;
# "D-Link Certified Specialist - Wireless v2.0 (WLAN010)": self-study (Date Taken: 10.01.2010). Status: "D-Link Certified Specialist - Wireless"; Certificate Number: DCS-WIR000617;
# "D-Link 2007 OBU Technical Support Workshop" at D-Link headquarters (Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C., 16-20.07/2007);
# "Cisco Access Routing & LAN Switching Specialist (RSS/FE 642-052)": self-study (Date Taken: 24.12.2004). Status: "Cisco Access Routing & LAN Switching Specialist — CQS-CARLSS" (Cisco ID: CSCO10864737); Certificate Verification No. 383545169344FPCK;
# "Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks (BSCI 642-801)": self-study (Date Taken: 29.11.2004);
# "Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA 640-801)": self-study (Date Taken: 03.11.2004). Status: "Cisco Certified Network Associate — CCNA" (Cisco ID: CSCO10864737); Certificate Verification No. 383004479941EQBJ;
# "Tivoli NetView 6.0 for NT for Administrators" at CompuTel Moscow (Moscow, 29.09-03.10/2003, Education Centers for IBM Software, Certificate of Course Completion);
# "TT2510 PDH Basics; TT2550 PCM 30 Basics; TT2500 SDH Basics" and "TR3446 SMA1, SMA4 series 2 Operation, Administration and Maintenance; TR3570 SMA1k Delta Course, Operation, Administration, Maintenance and Commissioning" at Siemens Information and Communications Regional Training Institute (Perm, 25.03-09.04/2002, certificate Siemens 28.03/2002 and 09.04/2002);
# "Generic Cabling System IT-SCS (part I, electrical cabling; part II, optical fiber cabling)" at Academy IT (Moscow, 09-13.07/2001, certificate # 001-ITTC-2481); was certified as Certified Engineer Generic Cabling System IT-SCS (certificate # 001-CERT-102);
# "Netscape SuiteSpot maintenance" at Europe Netscape Communications Corporation Center (Paris, 15-19.12/1997); was certified as Authorized Netscape Communications Corporation support engineer (1998);
# "Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 - base technologies and administration" at training center of the company "Kvazar-Micro" (Kyiv, 10/1997, certificate Microsoft Official Curriculum); was certified as Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP ID # 913160);
# "Open computing systems: Client-server architecture and OS UNIX for multi-user multi-terminal complexes and workstations". This course was organized by HP and International IT Center (Kyiv, 05-10.04/1993, Hewlett-Packard Customer Education Certificate);
# "System maintenance SVM ES" at UMSEC CTI (Moscow, 04.01-01.03/1990, ID of specialist on software # 011732).

ABOUT MYSELF: I put attention to get roused my professional growth and other professionals training as well. Many times I prepared and curried out the courses on professional training for the specialists both my organization and customer.
D-Link Certified Specialist - all courses, Ruckus Wireless Solutions Engineer (WiSE) Level 1, Cisco Access Routing & LAN Switching Specialist, Cisco Certified Network Associate (Cisco ID: CSCO10864737), Certified Professional of Microsoft corporation (MCP ID # 913160), Authorized Netscape Communications Corporation Support Engineer (1998), Certified Engineer Generic Cabling System IT-SCS (certificate # 001-CERT-102).
Self-possessed, even-tempered and friendly in relationships with colleagues and clients.

06.02.2017        /S. Klymenko/

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